Basic and Helpful Instructions for Your Pocket Door Repair Project

Posted by Valerie Savage •  August 6, 2017

Pocket doors are a subtype of sliding doors which are frequently found in older houses belonging to the Victorian era. These doors were mainly used to separate two rooms, for instance, the parlor from the den, but at the same time they could be easily hidden into the walls which can be rightfully called their "pockets". This was especially convenient when the homeowners decided to entertain a little bit and have a party in their home.

Nowadays, you can seldom find an old house with working pocket doors as they have worn out with the course of time. As a result, they are not used any longer. But today you have got an excellent opportunity to restore once broken set of pocket doors. You should not be afraid of this project because in reality it is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Most of the problems can be fixed on your own.

So, let's discuss a few basic instructions on pocket door repair if the door is on the track. Try to follow all of them and you're sure to succeed.

1 Inspect your pocket doors carefully and try to determine what the problem is. If they are stuck and can't slide, they are probably simply off track and you'll have to reseat them. But if they can hardly slide, you may have to clean them and tighten their track.

2 The pocket door has to be pulled out of the pocket. The trim at the top of the door may need to be pulled down to show you the track. Then disconnect your door from the track if you manage to. If not, ask for help of the professional.

3 Have the track inspected carefully and tighten it with the help of a screwdriver. If some screws are missing, have them replaced with longer and larger ones. Clean the track of dirt and insure it's straight.

4 Inspect the door's hardware and tighten or replace them if needed. Use some lubricant for the track and the hardware pieces.

5 Locate the door in its initial place. The same procedure should be repeated to the other door.

Instructions on pocket door repair if it is off the track

1 Prepare a utility knife for you to break the pain seal located along the stop moldings. You can find them on each door jamb.

2 Pry off the moldings carefully with the help of a chisel or a five-in-one tool and a flat bar.

3 Place the pocket door in such a way it's centered in the doorway.

4 The door has to be tilted toward the room. Raise the door roller out of the upper track.

5 Examine the rollers to insure that they are not damaged, worn or broken, otherwise you'll need to repair them. If necessary replace one or both rollers. If the pocket door track is damaged you'll have to follow the further instructions.

6 Slide your arm into the pocket (if you can do it) to insure that the track is secure and screwed in place. If it is loose tighten the screws properly.

7 To replace the track you'll need to remove the wall covering by the track for you to have access to the older track.

8 Have the track removed and install a new one. If you lack experience in the sphere of carpentry you are recommended to call a professional.

Completing your pocket door repair project you'll need to consider some important tips and warnings.

A great number of restoration contractors can help you to restore your pocket door hardware as well as provide vintage hardware if you need it. Try not to use too much lubricant, otherwise it will simply drip on the door ruining its finish.



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