Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is always an integral part in every relationship. But sometimes problems are faced right down that sexual road especially for men. One of the most common dilemma they could encounter is erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

An erectile dysfunction is also called as impotence happens when man can't keep up a hard on or erection long enough during sexual intercourse.

Women understands that at some point having an erection can be difficult at times but if it happens most of the time, it loses man's self confidence perform better on sex. This then leads to problems and stress in the relationship.

But the erectile dysfuntcion is more than just a stress-causing occurrence. A study conducted in Harvard and reported by Dr. Michael P. O'Leary states that erectile dysfunction is an early manifestation of heart problems or even atherosclerosis. That is why, frequent erectile dysfunction can be considered an indicator to man's overall health.

How it happens?

Basically, when men experiences erection, blood flow is concentrated and there is extra blood flowing to the penis. For a normal individual, it is kept up during sex. But for man experiencing erectile dysfunction, the extra blood is delivered to the penis for a while then it is drained away.

This phenomenon has been linked with atherosclerosis or plaque deposits in the arteries causing major problems like heart attack, other cardiovascular problems and even stroke. There may be clogged arteries in the penile area causing insufficient blood flow to keep up an erection. If this is not taken cared of, the problem will surely worsen leading to a more serious disease like myocardial infarction or heart attack.

How to avoid erectile dysfunction

Fortunately, the problem is reversible and can be combated whilst at a young age. This includes lifestyle modification such as avoiding vices and eating foods high in fat. Exercising is also a very important to avoid atherosclerotic formation.