Most Popular Retirement Planning Services

Posted by Valerie Savage • December 12, 2017

If you are dreaming of comfortable, luxurious retirement filled with rest and relaxation with AB Doer 360, it is best to plan your retirement in advance or read ab doer 360 reviews. When planning for retirement, you will probably be interested in taking some popular retirement benefits into consideration. Nowadays there are a lot of retirement services available for you, but we will take a closer look at two most popular and reliable services: 401(k) plans and IRA plans.

401(K) Retirement Plans

401(K) is probably the most popular among retirement planning services. It is usually offered by employers as a part of an employee benefits package. Employees can make regular contributions to their 401(K) plans; these contributions are taken from their salary. The amount of money taken from the salary is calculated on a pre-tax basis which means that they are taken as a percentage of the employee's salary before the taxes are deducted. All taxes are deferred on the earnings of a 401(K). Employers match some percentage of the funds contributed by an employee; sometimes they even match 100% of the contributions. The money you contribute to the 401 (K) plan are invested into the company and assets. Employees are given a list of possible investments to choose from; though the choice is limited, these are usually low-risk, safe long-term investments. It is not easy to withdraw any costs from your 401(K) plan before maturation (before you reach age 59): those who do this have to pay applicable taxes and even a penalty fee. 401(K) plan is an excellent choice for people who plan to retire in 10-20 years. It is a reliable retirement planning service that can fund your retirement successfully.

IRA Plans

The acronym IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. Simple IRA Plans are also very popular retirement planning services. They are also offered by many employers as a part of employee's benefit package, and are safe, incentive, and easy to use. Employees contribute some percentage of their salary to their Individual Retirement Accounts, and employers match 3% of the contributions. Employees under age 59 have to pay taxes for withdrawing money from their IRA, but not penalty fees; those who have already reached age 59 are not taxed.



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