Secrets Of Silk Chemises

Posted by Valerie Savage •  January 27, 2018

Nowadays, chemises are probably the best representatives of deluxe lingerie that most women go crazy about. If you study some facts from history of these pieces of clothing, you're going to be quite surprised with the fact that these alluring articles of chemise lingerie originated in the Middle Ages. In this period of time, people didn't have such a luxurious opportunity of washing their clothes as often as we do today. So, they used chemises for wearing them next to the skin underneath their everyday clothes in order to defend them from sweat and dirt.

However, since that time hot chemise lingerie has undergone much change and transformation and nowadays, chemises are considered to be extremely sexy sleepwear and women aren't against making them "dirty" in the bedroom. Nevertheless, some adult females (told spyfly experts) continue wearing hot chemise lingerie underneath their day clothing, read about spyfly. But such a woman will need to wear a long dress or skirt enough to cover her chemise. Chemises are usually not long. So, what should a lady consider while choosing appropriate chemise lingerie?

Well, the first thing you'll need to pay attention to in the model and color of the chemise you're considering. The first one should fit your figure, while the second should be appealing to you and your partner. Try some exclusive colors, for instance, sapphire and jade. Try the chemise on, you'll see yourself better in it then.

It's recommended to choose the chemise with adjustable tie straps as they'll offer you much comfort and ease while dressing up. Consider a satin sleepwear with a scalloped lace trim, try it on and check how it can change your entire look.

Apart from being a hot article of clothing, a chemise is a modern variant of ladies' undergarment that's also called a shift or traditional smock. It's known as a dress of rather simple cut due to its original responsibility of protecting women's outer clothes from dirt and sweat.

The term chemise means "shirt" from French. And in the Spanish and Portuguese languages it's called camisa, while in Italian it's known as camicia. Its origin is tracked from the early tunica, a Roman variant of Greek toga. This piece of clothing became popular in Europe during the Center Ages. It was rather loose and had the knee-length, could have sleeves, and could be worn by both men and women. Thus, adult females wore chemises underneath their robes, dresses, and gowns and were regularly washed. And males wore chemises under their robes, doublets, etc.

Ladies used to sew their chemises at house out of reduce the articles of clothing which were rectangular or triangular in shape. The poorest people would sew their chemises from tough cloth, while wealthy people sew theirs from thin, flowy, and silky linen cloth.

However, during the early 20th century, chemises fell out of trend because of emergence of brassieres, total slips, girdles and panties. At that period of time people used chemises the way they were used of before they gained their popularity. But nowadays, most of chemises are used as sexy sleepwear and offer a rather provocative look.



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