What You Need To Know About House Window Repair

Posted by Valerie Savage •  October 26, 2017

House window repair is one of the most frequent repairs that homeowners do in their houses. The most frequent reasons for starting this project include deteriorating putty and broken glass. These drawbacks don't only produce openings for the air but also look very unattractive, especially if you like to meet guests in your house.

Even though you can always ask for a professional help to do certain repairs it's not a necessity, as many projects on house window repair can be accomplished on your own with the help of your friend or family member. If you need to replace a broken glass on a window, you'll only need to get some tools for the project.

If you're still afraid of getting to house window repair yourself, I can say for sure that there is no person who would fail to do the simplest repair on his own. The only thing required is getting the necessary things and tools including glazier's points, a glazing compound, linseed oil, and a new glass pane. All of these items can be bought in any hardware store in the area you live in. but if you want to have a larger choice of window panes, go to a glass shop. After you've got all the materials, you can start fixing your broken window.

House Window Repair Steps

Of course, some homeowners are talented enough to repair their windows without the next information, but most of people will probably benefit from the following pieces of advice. So, if you belong to this group of people as well, the first step for you to take is to remove the putty and the old broken pane. It can be easier made if you apply linseed oil on the putty. But don't be in a hurry to remove this part immediately, it's better to wait for some thirty minutes. If you don't have linseed oil, you can simply heat the putty. After the putty got enough malleable, the next thing to remove is glazier's points. For this you will probably need to break the glass completely. After you've taken the glass away, have the frame properly cleaned of possible remnants of the old putty. Wipe boiled linseed oil onto the old wood. Linseed oil is not necessary on the wood at all.

The next step for you to take is to place glazing compound on your window sash, the one on which the glass pane will be installed. After you have set the glass place glazier's points every four inches with the help of a glazing tool or a putty knife. This will help to keep the glass in the proper location. Insert the points firmly and straight against the glass into the wood. To seal the pane in, apply more glazing compound. Insure that half of the glazing is on the glass. The other half should be set in the frame. If you wish to paint your new windows wait for a few days. You're also recommended to paint the edge of the glass before sealing the frame in the glazing.



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